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Sedona's Secret Ingredient: The Power of Silk Tassel

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At Good Bitters, we believe that true health is about more than just physical wellness. It's about balance, resilience, and a sense of coexistence with the world around us. That's why we're so excited to introduce you to one of our key ingredients: Silk Tassel.

What is Silk Tassel?

Silk Tassel is a flowering shrub that grows in the dry forests and deserts of the southwestern US and northern Mexico, including the red rock desert of Sedona, Arizona.

Wild Silk Tassel plans in Sedona, Arizona.

It has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people for a variety of benefits. It is known for its natural ability to help relax the mind and body, making it a popular choice for those seeking a natural way to unwind and reduce stress.

But Silk Tassel offers more than just relaxation. According to herbalist James Green(1), it's also a "safe, strong, reliable, smooth muscle relaxer." It can be effective in relieving sharp, tight, spastic cramps, making it a great choice for anyone dealing with digestive or menstrual discomfort(2).

Key Benefits of Silk Tassel

Good Bitters Kalm Drops combine the sweetness you expect in candy with the natural bitterness and relaxing effects of the Silk Tassel plant. Silk Tassel's unique bitter taste is known to help relax the mind, relieve pain and tension, and balance cravings.

Woman holding a Good Bitters Kalm Drop in her hand.

Try Kalm Drops after a meal to help you relax or as a point of focus during a meditation session. The sweet and bitter flavors will stimulate your brain without overwhelming your senses. You'll feel present and satisfied with just one candy.

One of the key benefits of Silk Tassel is its ability to help relax the mind and body. Its unique bitter taste stimulates the senses without overwhelming them, making it the perfect ingredient for our Kalm Drops candy. Just one Kalm Drop can help you feel more relaxed and centered, whether you're winding down after a meal or taking a moment to meditate.

Our Mission

At Good Bitters, our mission is to support the realization of coexistence in all aspects of human life. We believe that candy can be more than just a sweet treat, it can be a chance to relax, re-center, and reconnect with yourself. Kalm Drops represents the dream of coexistence, inspired by the teachings of world-renowned meditator and author Ilchi Lee. Just as living with others means accepting bitterness and sweetness in our lives, the taste of Kalm Drops candy embodies the spirit of coexistence. We offer Products aligned with a Resilient, Balanced, and Pro-longed Life, and we prioritize the sustainable future of our planet in everything we do. All our products and services are provided by the minds that take your well-being seriously.

We're committed to using natural, sustainable ingredients that support our mission of coexistence with the planet and with each other. We believe that Silk Tassel is just one of the many treasures that nature has to offer, and we're excited to share it with you through our Kalm Drops and other products.

Once they are ready for sale, we hope you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of Silk Tassel in our Kalm Drops, and that you'll join us in our mission of coexistence and better health for all.

(2) As with any natural ingredient, it's important to use Silk Tassel responsibly. It should not be used during pregnancy, and high doses can cause nausea or similar symptoms. But when used properly, it can be a powerful tool for promoting balance and well-being.

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