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July 27-30

September 21-24

October 19-22

Join our Signature Retreat to rediscover who you truly are and unlock your deepest desires

Become aware of the limiting thoughts, emotions and memories blocking you from creating the life you want

Connect deeper inside to break through the layers built up over your life in order to reconnect with your inner light

Meet yourself at your highest consciousness, and learn how to create a new life from your authentic self


Experience deep transformation over 4 days

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  • The program will begin at 7:30pm with a welcome orientation, an overview of the retreat and a reflection meditation to set the stage for your inward journey.

  • Experience heart-opening games and exercises designed to bring your awareness inside. You will experience deep emotional release as you are guided to meet your true self and answer the fundamental questions: “Who am I? What do I really want? What is the purpose of my life?”


    Over these 2 days you will experience deep connection to your body, a fully open heart, and yourself at your highest level of consciousness.

  • Our final day will begin with a morning sun meditation to envision a new future. We will conclude with inner reflections and a vision planning exercise to integrate the learnings from the retreat to create a new life moving forward as your authentic self.




I feel lost & lonely

I feel controlled by my emotions

I feel stuck & unmotivated

I feel empty & low

I tend to judge myself & others

I feel haunted by my past

I am unclear about my future

I have no sense of purpose

I feel joyful & peaceful

I am the owner of my emotions

I feel inspired & motivated

I feel full and abundance

I love & embrace myself & others

I feel at peace with my past

I feel hopeful about my future

I have a great sense of purpose

Experience how to navigate your inner world to meet your


Earth in Mind

We prioritize the sustainability of our planet and future in everything we do

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Vision of Coexistence

Our mission is the realization of coexistence of all aspects of human life

Join us for our signature self-discovery retreat in Sedona, Arizona. Over 4 days you will embark on a journey to awaken your true nature. Break free from the limiting thoughts, emotions, and experiences that have been holding you back from creating a life that is aligned with your authentic self.

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Experience the power of


Sedona Mago Center

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat is located in Northern Arizona, on 173-acres of open land in the Coconino National Forest, cradled amongst Sedona’s renowned vortexes and healing red rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago has been a destination for healing and transformation.




Accommodations Not included*


Ilchibuko Todd brings over 20 years of experience mastering energy practices through SunTao Living practice and Body & Brain. She offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves and awaken their fullest potential. Ilchibuko is an international speaker and trainer who envisions individual awakening and healing to be the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow.


Danielle Gaudette is a Body & Brain Coach with 20 years of experience and the author of Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story About Hurting, Healing and Letting the Light Shine Through.  As a highly sensitive person who struggled from a young age, Danielle's passion is to share the tools that eventually helped her recover her own self-love and self-worth. She specializes in emotional management and brain management, and helps people to align the body, mind, heart and soul together as one.


Love Heals Retreat | November 21-25, 2023

Sedona Mago Center

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3500 Bill Gray Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

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