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Welcome to Good Bitters!

Our mission is to promote harmonious coexistence in all aspects of human life.

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Good Bitters

About Us

Good Bitters is a Sedona-based lifestyle company dedicated to promoting a healthy, balanced, and long life. We provide products, workshops and coaching services to support a healthy lifestyle while prioritizing the well-being of our planet. Our mission is to promote harmonious coexistence in all aspects of human life.

About the Founder

Ilchi Lee is an author, educator, and dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world. He is the founder of Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and the Earth Citizen Movement. His mission is to help people create their own health, happiness, and peace and use it for the benefit of all. 

The Story of Silk Tassel

This is the story of how Ilchi Lee, the founder of Good Bitters, discovered the silk tassel plant


One day, as I walked along between the beautiful, red rocks and the lush, green juniper forests, in Sedona, Arizona, a plant standing in a grove of trees suddenly caught my eye. The tree was covered in teardrop-shaped, green-gray leaves. I felt the urge to taste the leaf, so I tore off a tiny piece about the size of a grain of rice, put it in my mouth, and gave it a chew. It was so shockingly and intensely bitter that it put an uncontrollable grimace on my face and caused saliva to pool rapidly in my mouth. As I continued to hold the leaf in my mouth, the flavor neutralized into a clean, subtle bitter flavor. My brain and body felt clear and fresh like I had just taken a deep breath of crisp air.

Behind the bitter taste, I sensed a subtly sweet flavor as my body and mind became calm and comfortable. In a moment of inspiration, I gave this herb the name “coexistence plant” on the spot. I later learned that the herb is known by many names, most commonly “silk tassel,” but I like to call it “coexistence plant” because of what it means to me.

Strange as it may sound, the appeal of this herb lies in its unique bitter flavor since the brain automatically responds to the plant’s properties. Thus through effortless sensing of flavor and fragrance, people who may have trouble meditating or focusing can find it easier to calm their minds and allow respite for their bodies for self-care and self-healing. My vision is to realize a peaceful human race and a healthy Earth with the “coexistence plant.”

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